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What it's all about..

There are a lot of applications for the Atari set of computers that at this point all are unsupported and discontinued. I would imagine that quite a few of the original authors would be happy if someone out there with the proper coding skills had a wish to take over where they left off.


Pick up someone elses code - or donate yours

If you are Interested in taking over a project, you'll find a long list of projects that are no longer developed here. The best thing is - sources are at hand! You can also help out by spreading the word about this page to authors of discontinued software and encourage them to send their sources to us


The wishlist is out

In the past, this page had a so called "wishlist", where we tried to keep track of the application most people would like to see sources released for. At this time it has however become obvious that there is little to gain by maintaining this list. Efforts are better spent on trying to contacting authors asking them to release their code into GPL or similar. Those who do, are very welcome to drop us a note about it (email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) so that we can include the sources on this website. Another change compared to the former version of "The Orphaned Projects Page", is that all projects where the sources were not fully available are now removed.


Let's get started then!

To start viewing the contents of the collection of source code, please have a look in the main menu to the left on this website. You can either use this menu to browse the contents of the different categories, or if you know the name of a particular project, try using the search bar on top of the website.

Or simply view "All projects", to see what is new: 


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