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Saturday, 12 September 2009 10:30

AtarICQ is back in business

Yeah, things are actually moving forward again! There have been some changes made to the OVL as well as the client:

* The problem with the OVL locking up during login sequence seems to have been related to differencies between gluestik and "native" STiK/STinG, trapping the OVL in an infinite loop. This problem is now gone!

* Messages sent from Trillian users are now received, whereas we previously only saw incoming typing notifications.

* OVL doesn't cause issues on 68000 hardware anymore, so ICQ is once again available on a plain ST!

* Client will now issue a timeout for incoming typing notifications after 20 seconds. Until now, if someone triggered an incoming typing notification by starting to write a msg, the typing notification icon would stay until a msg arrived or this contact is reported as offline.


So when will there be a new release? Basically things need a little finetuning and wrapping up the final bits and pieces, but sometime during this autumn we hope to have something new to share!


Keep an eye open! :)



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