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Written by GokMasE   
Saturday, 14 March 2015 23:54
AtarICQ 0.176 is released.

Yeah, it actually is. Quite a few changes were sitting in the backlog and a new update is absolutely justified.
NOTE: When updating an old version of AtarICQ, unless you currently are running an inofficial beta, you WILL need to PATCH you config file! (Included in zip)

The following noteable changes found their way into AtarICQ 0.176

1) Discovered that aICQ would get in trouble when loading a contact list containing contacts with nicknames containing commas.
This is now fixed by modifying the format of the config file. If your ataricq.inf was created by any version previous to 0.176
you thus need to patch it! (A patching tool is supplied with this release, in /cnfpatch. Use it at your own risc)

2) There was a problem with handling timed out extended user info requests, now fixed.

3) Temporary files with info on unread messages will now be saved to correct folder ($home instead of logpath)
Also changed the filename from unread.log to unread.icq since it is now stored in $home folder, and should be easily detectable

4) Loading/parsing of the server side contact data might work better, reducing the amount of user info requests sent to server under some circumstances when starting aICQ from scratch

5) Handling of the scrollback buffer was bugged if set high enough to result in buffer sizes beyond what can be expressed by an INT.

6) Internal memory management now keeps accurate track of the amount of free memory slots (this was bugged) and specifies if a MALLOC fails due to shortage of slots.
Also bumped the number of virtual memory slots from 240 to 340, since some ppl might have huuuuge contact lists! ;)
To make things as fail proof as possible: If we run out of virtual memory slots, the program now falls back on using m(x)alloc directly instead

7) When refreshing ones own data in the "Edit user info" window, there was a non-present object number passed on to OBJC_OFFSET(), leading to potential freeze or crash.

8) aicq.ovl returned some garbage chars at the end of incoming messages when those contained umlautes - should be ok now. Thanks Deun!

9) Writing characters that needed [ALT] + [KEY] combos wasn't possible in the message text input box. Should be fixed now.

10) Shortcuts ALT+X and ALT+H was broken for the contact list window

11) The server side list appears to accept really long nicknames so the aICQ code can cope with that too now (RSC might need further tweaking to allow entering long local nicknames though)

12) Added somewhat clever truncating of nicknames in contact list as well in the tabs in msg window

13) New "hidden" setting, to customize the max width of a tab in the msg window. By using eg. Qed you can tweak this new line in ataricq.inf: max_tab_width= (default is 99)

14) The "Free for chat" status is bugged on server - once enabled, it can't be disabled without logging out / logging in. Other clients have "fixed" this by simply removing
this online status as an option, so that is what I have done as well: Free for chat is no longer available in the connection popup.

15) When our status changes on the icq server, there have been times when server ACKs leaves out the actual new status mode. If that happens, aICQ will assume status = 0 (online).

16) Seems the code for generating img cache files was bugged somewhere along the way - hopefully sorted full now (in the nick of time for this surprise release!)

[Go to download page]

Have fun!

(And please let me know if you run into problems with this release - most fixes have been tested thoroughly while a few last minute fixes have not)



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Last Updated on Sunday, 15 March 2015 00:06
AtarICQ 0.175 pre-beta PDF Print E-mail
Written by GokMasE   
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 23:13
A long time has passed since last time, but now there actually is something new to share. Tonight I am uploading a pre-beta of AtarICQ 0.175, that takes care of an old buffer overflow bug that was fixed back in 2010 but never was released.
However, the real reason for sharing this version is the fact that Lonny Pursell has provided updated GFA tools that allows for compiling binaries that have better chances of working on Coldfire machines such as the Firebee. Having said that - the CF binary in this archive is 100% untested as of yet and so I rely on your feedback!
Update 2012-10-12 First reports indicate that AtarICQ does in fact run on the Firebee! If you end up testing the latest version, please don't hesitate to drop me a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it about it. Let me know how it works, share a screenshot, etc. Thanks.
FileDescriptionFile sizeLast Modified
Download this file (aicq0175-prebeta.zip)aicq0175-prebeta.zipThis archive contains the bare minimum to get AtarICQ running - for docs, download AtarICQ 0.174272 Kb2012-10-10 23:21

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Last Updated on Sunday, 04 August 2013 10:29
"Hello world" PDF Print E-mail
Written by GokMasE   
Wednesday, 06 July 2011 11:03
It has been an awfully long time since the last update of this website, that much is obvious. The reason for this is that in late 2010 we moved into a house of our own - something that has consumed a lot of time, money as well as precious space! Since I am now on my 4 weeks summer holiday, I thought I'd at least send a short message that I am still around. There have been no major work on AtarICQ since last year, but it has by no means been abandoned. My plan is to get back on track with my Atari gear during this autumn, at which time I will finally have a dedicated computer room again. Meanwhile, have a nice summer! :)

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 October 2012 23:27
Violation of AtarICQ distribution policy PDF Print E-mail
Written by GokMasE   
Wednesday, 21 July 2010 22:08
It was recently brought to my attention that someone was about to add AtarICQ to an update/download tool, offering AtarICQ updates as part of a general updating scheme. Since this is in direct conflict with the distribution policy of the application, which clearly states that you need the authors explicit permission to add AtarICQ "to any kind of distribution of bundled shareware/freeware in any form".
And yes, "in any form" means exactly that - AtarICQ can't be made part of any kind of software bundle or updating scheme/tool/script without an explicit permission to do so.
Hopefully noone in the Atari community in the year 2010 will lack the decency to honour a written distribution policy as well as the programmers clearly stated wishes.
I have now added a clarification to the distribution policy on the download page.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 July 2010 23:06
AtarICQ 0.174 is released PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 19 September 2009 14:57

2009-09-19 - AtarICQ 0.174 is released! [download]

Important changes in the latest release:

  1.  AtarICQ is now able to cope with environment variable FONTSELECT when a full path is submitted instead of a process name. If a full path is sent, aICQ then tries to start the font selector (if not already running).
  2. Fixed a bug in the contact list code that under some circumstances would cause a crash when swapping contacts by using up/down ARROWs.
  3. Removed a debug messages that was accidently left in the final 0.173-release. It was a text message written to screen/console.
  4. Fixad a small bug in the code for manually resorting (by dragging) of the TABs in the message window.
  5. New feature added. The shortcut ALT+X will now trigger aICQ to remove all temporary contacts that exist at the time. The main benefit is to be able to quickly sweep your contact list clean from ICQ spammers. (Normally, you have all your contacts on the permanent list)
  6. Slightly changed code for evaluating the status of online contacts. Should avoid confusion when it comes to clients using exotic status values.
  7. New keyboard shortcut, ALT+H, will toggle the hiding of offline contacts.
  8. OVL sources are branched from the 0089 version (newer sources were lost) :(
  9. OVL tweaked to cure problem where a large SSI contact list would potentially cause the OVL to hit an infinite loop (thus freezing)
  10. Speeded up the automatic requesting of basic user info to reval the nickname of UINs loaded from the SSI list.
  11. Fixed a fatal bug which would strike under specific circumstances when requesting basic user info for a UIN, and the server didn't reply. (NOTE: The chase for this particular bug has been going on for 3-4 years, the challenge being that it was very hard to reproduce reliably)
  12. OVL will now work better with 68000 CPU (no more odd address access)
  13. Improved the routines keeping track of server requests, timeout of data, etc.
  14. Fixed a problem with font size in the text input field for outgoing messages, striking under old Single TOS and standard AES/VDI.
  15. Cured a small memory leak which happened when requesting extended user info.
  16. Changed default behaviour:
    -Hiding offline contacts = OFF
    -Auto switch to new message = ON
  17. AtarICQ now keeps track of incoming typing notifications, to be able to let them "time out" after a certain time of inactivity from the other end. This time is currently set to 20 seconds, after which the typing notification icon will be removed.
  18. OVL can now successfully send messages to the AIM/ICQ-clone Trillian, which  turned out to be rather picky.


NOTE: At this time (2009-09-19) you might notice that some of your friends from your contact list aren't listed as online despite being very much logged on and available. The reason for this is more than likely that AtarICQ still doesn't posses the ability to update the server side list, hence all contacts not present there might be listed as offline at all times. The only way to solve this is to either use another ICQ client to update the list, or hold your breath until AtarICQ is able to do this.. ;)

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